With over 35 years of automotive knowledge and workflow built in to its core, Pacesetter is the most robust, feature rich after market automotive platform on the market. Available in either an on-premise server based solutions or a Cloud based solution, Pacesetter automates and simplifies your business.

Used in hundreds of customers in thousands of locations Pacesetter customers depend on it to operate their business day in and day out. Pacesetter customers login to their system first thing in the morning, every morning and stay logged in all day. Without Pacesetter their business would come to a grinding halt.


Point of Sale

Fast, efficient, either mouse or keyboard driven, our point of sale gets your parts sold quickly. Search by name, number, description, OE number, bar code or build custom searches. Find the parts your customer needs with custom pricing and quantity on hand easily, increasing sales and decreasing lost business. Process quotes, returns, handle cores, supports buy outs seamlessly. Fully integrated automotive catalogs from the premier vendors in the automotive industry. Part selections move effortlessly from catalog look ups to invoices saving time and increasing efficiency of your busy counter staff.

Inventory Control

Pacesetter handles thousands of manufacturers and lines with support for millions of part numbers so you can carry all the inventory you’ll ever need. Fast recall of pricing, quantity on hand makes for smooth selling. Unique and custom pricing models are built in and can be adapted to any situation that arises. Price updates are quick and easy. The feature rich inventory management system has more options than you’ll ever need.

Warehouse Management

Pacesetter was designed to meet the complex and demanding task of large, multi building warehouses smoothly and easily. Specify where your parts are located and where picking information should be sent and save time and effort by your busy warehouse staff. Send picking sheets to printers or scanners or mobile devices, its all supported in Pacesetter. Our staff will work with you to layout your warehouse(s) and specify the locations of your inventory to make picking and processing orders a breeze. Pacesetter works with wireless and wired bar code scanners to perform functions such as pick verification, order verification, physical inventory and product receiving.

Electronic Data Interface

Today companies depend on electronic commerce to make their business operate efficiently. Paper ordering and receiving is a thing of the past. Pacesetter integrates with almost every electronic ordering system and gateway in the automotive market today. This list includes AconnX, eParts, NexPart, gCommerce and Core Centric. In addition Pacesetter works with most data warehousing applications found in the market.

Accounting System

Pacesetter has it’s only full accounting solution completely integrated to provide accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP) and general ledger (GL). Perform all the functions necessary for your business within Pacesetters account system. Or if you would prefer export to your preferred accounting system such as Quickbooks, Peachtree or Dynamics.

Spanish Language Version

Habla Espanol? We do! Blue Sage Software has a complete Spanish language version of Pacesetter that is used in hundreds of locations throughout the world.