Paperless Office

Paceform is a complete paperless office solution that is fully integrated with our flagship Pacesetter platform. Its modular design lets you choose the amount of electronic document distribution and archiving that meets your business needs. Today’s retail customers are demanding their documents be delivered electronically and Paceform gives you the power and flexibility to meet these demands.

Customized Forms

Enhance your corporate image through modern, tasteful customer documents such as invoices and statements. Customized with your company logo these documents show off your company to your customers. Printed on standard 8.5×11 paper, eliminating the expense and complexity of pre-printed, multi-form paper. And all delivered electronically to your customer’s email box.


Document Archival

Every document created by Pacesetter can be stored in to electronic online storage using the document archiving feature of Paceform. Your documents can be searched using key words such as account number, date, invoice number, ticket number and many others. Blue Sage Software can customize the search words to meet your specific needs. Recall document quickly and with the built in email capability send these documents to your customer, no printing needed. Or if you do want paper copies print them wherever you are at the moment.



Paceform can match scanned documents with documents stored in the archive and store them along side the archived documents. So signed customer receipts can be matched to their original invoices for example, and then can be recalled as needed to verify delivery if a question arises.


Pacequery is a companion product to Paceform that allows your customers to retrieve information about their account from anywhere on the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This eliminates the phone calls to your back office personnel requesting documents and/or account balances.