Cloud based backup made easy! PaceDrive eliminates the hassle of dealing with backup devices such as tapes or removable disks. Tapes are a head ache and expensive. Plus they usually fail just when you need them most. Remembering to put a new tape in the system every night or exchanging the removable drive is a task that most people forget about until they need their backup.

To absolutely be prepared for a disaster the backup data needs to be off site and in a fireproof location. Busy people who run businesses usually don’t have time to be taking tapes or disks home with them every night. They are focused on keeping their business running and this doesn’t involve dealing with backups. A fire or flood or some other disaster could destroy your business and inventory. Usually you have business insurance that covers the building and its contents. But how do you know what you had in inventory? It was all on the computer system that was destroyed in the fire or flood. Having your Pacesetter data is what’s needed to accurately value the amount of inventory you had in your facility. You need your backup data.

PaceDrive takes care of this for you. Your data is sent every night to a secure offsite location where it is safe from disaster. This takes place automatically with no user intervention required. The data transfer is monitored by Blue Sage Software and if it is not present every day then our staff is alerted and appropriate action taken.

You never have to mess with tapes or removable hard drives, you can sleep easy at night knowing that if something catastrophic happens to your facility, your data is safe. There are a range of backup options that we can put in place. Contact our sales department to put a program in place for you. And sleep easy at night.