Heavy Duty Truck Parts Distributors and service centers have to carry a wide variety of parts sourced from multiple vendors.

With Pacesetter Heavy Duty shops can track the inventory levels of every item that the company stocks. Store managers are able to generate warehouse orders for their branch stores to bring inventory to desired levels. Orders for each store are printed pick lists at the warehouse and the items shipped to the branches are automatically moved from the warehouse inventory to the branch stores’ inventories. Purchase orders for the warehouse are then automatically crated to bring the stock level of items that have fallen below their minimum stocking level back to the specified maximum stocking level.

Pacesetter’s minimum vendor order thresholds also ensure orders qualify for additional discount incentives and best buy comparisons allow products to be ordered from vendors with the best price. Intelligent bar code scanning saves time receiving orders and accurately translates vendor purchasing units of measure to selling units of measure.

Integrated parts catalogs, POS, and reporting all make Pacesetter the one solution to improve efficiency for any Heavy Duty Truck Service shop and Pacesetter Enterprise adds a modern graphical interface to the most trusted business automation system in the industry with more than 35 years of proven success.

“The biggest advantage of Pacesetter is its reliability.”
– Joe P, President of Pardo’s Truck Service Parts