The latest in product tracking comes fully integrated with Pacesetter through our Paceroute product. Track your products from the time they are invoiced until they are delivered to your customer. Once delivered signed delivery documents are electronically sent back to Pacesetter so that you have signed proof that the products you sold were delivered to the customer.

Product is tracked starting in the warehouse. As the order is picked from your shelves the completed order shows up as ready to deliver. Prior to dispatching the order route optimization can be performed to insure the product is placed on the vehicle that will get deliver the order in the most efficient manner. Once placed on a delivery vehicle the vehicle is tracked via GPS and can be located at any moment.


Track driver performance and identify your most effective driver by metrics that you create. A wide variety of driver metrics can be monitored to insure your delivery staff are performing at their best. Custom reports and charts are readily available to display the performance data.