Phocas Partners with Blue Sage to Extend Business Intelligence Support to Automotive Industry Customers

Phocas to power Blue Sage Pacesetter Business Intelligence solution.

NEWTOWN, Pa. – October 30, 2018 – Phocas Software today announced a partnership with Blue Sage Software that will extend business intelligence support to Blue Sage’s automotive industry customers. Phocas will power Blue Sage’s Pacesetter BI solution that integrates seamlessly with Blue Sage’s automotive aftermarket platform. Blue Sage will demonstrate Pacesetter BI powered by Phocas at AAPEX 2018 in Las Vegas, October 30-November 1, 2018.

Blue Sage’s software platform used by warehouses, jobbers and retailers, provides inventory management, point of sale (POS), ecommerce, invoicing, accounts receivable, warehouse efficiency and delivery tracking for hundreds of aftermarket businesses. Pacesetter BI powered by Phocas is a full-service BI solution that includes easy-to-use dashboards for visually reporting data from Pacesetter, webPace or Pacesetter Plus ERP software packages.  The new BI solution will make data analytics more accessible to Blue Sage customers regardless of role or skill level, helping them quickly analyze and identify opportunities and trends from any device at any time.

“Phocas has proven that business intelligence software can be accessible, easy-to-use and powerful,” said Roger Moyers, President of Blue Sage. “The out-of-the-box integration makes it easy for our customers to take advantage of Phocas advanced analytics and reporting within the Pacesetter environment. We have no doubt that our users will come to value Phocas’ intuitive interface and all the BI capabilities now at their fingertips.”   “Blue Sage is a trusted software provider with more than 35 years’ experience working with the automotive aftermarket industry, experience that we value in a partner,” said Myles Glashier, Cofounder and Chief Strategy Officer at Phocas. “This partnership will further extend our reach into the aftermarket business, and together, provide a powerful solution for customers to mine actionable intelligence from their raw data.”

About Phocas

Phocas Software ( provides a company-wide and industry-matched SaaS data analytics solution. Phocas makes it easy to drill down from high-level visual summaries into the underlying data and arrive at insights to make better decisions in manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses.

Phocas presents a business’ essential data in an intuitive interface that is easy to access historical and predictive and prescriptive analysis, and is preferred by non-technical people from sales to purchasing to executives. From day one with Phocas, users get tracking and reporting on essential KPIs and metrics that are specific to role and industry. But users can also add custom measures, dimensions, dashboards and scorecards to meet the unique reporting needs of their business.

What users love about Phocas is it lets them explore their data, following their train of thought to find answers to their questions, completely unrestricted by canned reports and drill paths.